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AS ONE OF SOUTH FLORIDA’S oldest and most-respected insurance firms, Keen Battle Mead & Company serves clients including large corporations, smaller commercial enterprises, professional firms, families and individuals. All have their own unique insurance needs, but what they share in common is the personalized attention and service they have come to depend on from Keen Battle Mead.
If this philosophy seems to hark back to a simpler time, it is. This client-driven purpose stands as the central principle upon which the first of three generations to run this firm founded the company almost ten decades ago. More important, it continues as the legacy continued by its principals today.

Those who comprise today’s Keen Battle Mead are native South Floridians who carry out the traditions of their forebearers by offering all the advantages of a major worldwide insurer with the service benefits of a neighborhood agency.

As one of the largest locally-owned independent insurance agencies in South Florida, representing more than 25 major insurance companies and some 3,500 customers, Keen Battle Mead has the unique ability to cover any insurance risk in the marketplace with better service and cost effectiveness. Our 10 agents and 40 support staff members are specialists who combine the variety of options you would expect from a large company with the personal touch you count on from someone who is part of your community.

Keen Battle Mead offers Commercial Lines of Insurance; Personal Lines of Insurance and Life & Employee Benefits. Our most important goal is to help you reach yours.

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Four Generations of Service

Not long after the turn of the century, the multi-cultural, cosmopolitan center that is today Miami, was an unspoiled Eden-like oasis inhabited only by those who could see the potential for the future. Among them were area natives George Keen, Ben Battle and D.R. Mead, three men whose names would come to be synonymous with the growth and importance of the insurance industry in a burgeoning marketplace.

Each of these three pioneers created his own independent insurance agency during the 1920’s–Keen in Hialeah, Battle on Miami Beach, and Mead in downtown Miami–establishing a tradition that has been matched in growth only by their reputations.

Three decades after they were founded, the next generation of the Keens and Battles–George Jr., and Ben Jr.–came on board, helping to spearhead an unparalleled period of growth that led to the two firms merging in 1971. In 1982, D. R. Mead & Company was purchased, heralding another growth period which included the purchase of Schaffer & Company, Chasefed Insurance Agency, as well as various other producer acquisitions.

While it has grown exponentially throughout the years, Keen Battle Mead & Company has remained a family-values oriented firm. In 1979, Michael Battle, the eldest of Ben’s four sons, joined the firm, while Timothy Battle, Robert Battle and Patrick Battle came on board in 1981, 1984 and 1987 respectively. And now the first of the fourth generation and first female, Bailey Battle joined the firm in 2010.

Today, the company is housed in a modern, five-story building in Miami Lakes, with branch offices having been established in Vero Beach, Boca Raton, Naples and Ocean Reef.